General Motors, an American Multinational has devised a workout plan for the benefit of its employees and it became popular as GM Diet Plan. In order to help its employees to reduce extra kilos and acquire healthy and fit physique, the company has made scientists and health care experts to come up with effective and simple plan. It resulted in formulation of a plan which claims to reduce up to 8 kilograms in just a week. This GM Diet Plan became popular all over the world as it proved fruitful for most of the dedicated enthusiasts of all ages across the world.

How To Lose Weight In 7 Days?

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Here is the diet plan for all those who are ready to take up the challenge:

GM Diet Chart

One Fruits, particularly cantaloupes and melons. Bananas
Two Raw/cooked vegetables and Baked potato garnished with butter
Three Fruits and Vegetables Potatoes and Bananas
Four 8 Bananas and nearly 3 glasses of milk. Take GM Soup additionally
Five For Veg: 6 whole tomatoes
For Non-Veg: Little beef
Six For Veg: Cottage Cheese & Vegetables
For Non Veg: Lean meats (fish and chicken)
Seven Fruit Juices, Vegetables and Brown Juices

The Fastest Way to Lose Weight (5 to 8 Kgs in 7Days)

Day One:

Take All Fruits on Day One. Except bananas, you can take all kinds of fruits any number of times. You will see good results by taking more of Cantaloupe and Watermelon. Drink up to 12 glasses of water all through the day. Don't worry, you will not feel hungry if you take the fruits and water at regular intervals.

Day Two:

Take All Vegetables on Day Two. You can take any kind of raw (uncooked) and cooked vegetables of your choice. The only string is NOT to use oils while cooking the vegetables. Take a large boiled potato for breakfast. Again, take up to 12 glasses of water all through the day, to prevent your stomach reminding you of hunger.

Day Three:

On Day Three take apt combination of fruits and vegetables. Take any kind of fruits or vegetables any number of times, with an exception for bananas and potatoes. Continue to take up to 12 glasses of water throughout the day, today also.

Day Four:

Bananas and milk are allowed on Day Four. You can take nearly 8 to 10 bananas and 3 to 4 glasses of milk all through the day. Break down the number of bananas and glasses of milk and take them on regular basis throughout, so that you will not have to starve at any point of time.

Day Five:

Day Five marks the beginning of taking rice. Take a cup of rice for lunch and take six large sized tomatoes throughout the day. In order to cope up with increased production of uric acid in the body, you are advised to take nearly 15 glasses of water throughout the day.

Day Six:

Day Six, is again the day of rice but with vegetables. You can take a cup of rice for lunch and take different kinds of vegetables, raw or cooked, throughout the day. Take up to 12 glasses of water all through the day. If you are feeling lighter today, you are on the right track.

Day Seven

Day Seven includes rice, all fruits and all vegetables, as we have reached the final stage of GM Diet Plan. You can take a cup of rice for lunch and keep yourself running on vegetables and fruit juices all through the day, at regular intervals.

What to Eat on Day One at Different Times:

8.30 to 9 am
Mid Morning Snacks
10.30 to 11 am
12 to 1.30 pm
Afternoon Snack s
4 to 4.30 pm
6 to 6.30 pm
8 to 9 pm
Day 1 1 cup of diced apples
1 to 2 glasses of water
1 bowl raw papaya
1 to 2 glasses of water
1 bowl muskmelon or watermelon
1 to 2 glasses of water
1 chico fruit/sweet lime/orange
2 glasses of water
1 glass coconut water 1 bowl of melon
2 glasses of water
Day 2 1 cup boiled potato
2 glasses of water
1 bowl red lettuce or cabbage
1 to 2 glasses of water
½ boiled beetroot, 1 tomato, 1 cucumber
2 glasses of water
1 cup cherry tomatoes or 2 regular tomatoes
2 glasses of water
- Boiled asparagus, cauliflower with spices & salt2 glasses of water
Day 3 1 apple
1 or 2 glasses of water
1 cup diced melon
2 glasses of water
1 bowl cantaloupe with papaya
2 glasses water
Half boiled beetroot with 1 bowl mixed cucumber, tomato & lettuce
2 glasses of water
Ripe mango or Orange (one quantity)
2 glasses water
- Raw papaya, fresh vegetables, boiled broccoli (all together in 1 bowl)
2 glasses water
Day Four Banana
1 glass warm milk
Vegetable Soup (one bowl).
Tomato soup or cabbage stew preferred
Bananas with milk. Cold Banana Shakes are preferred - Banana shake and Vegetable soup
Day Five 2 large Tomatoes with 2 glasses of water
Soup and Braised Beef
NOTE: Drink 15 glasses of water throughout the day
- Cup of Rice with 3 glasses of water
Hamburger Patty with tomatoes
2 large Tomatoes with 3 glasses of water 2 large Tomatoes with 2 glasses of water
Beef Soup with Tomatoes
Day Six Mixed Vegetables (1 bowl)
NOTE: Drink 12 glasses of water throughout the day
Vegetables with Cup of Rice/ Beef Vegetables Vegetable Soup with rice/hamburger
Day Seven Brown Rice (1 bowl)/Vegetables &
2 glasses of water
NOTE: Drink 10 glasses of water throughout the day
Brown Rice (1 bowl) with vegetables Fruits, particularly Berries Vegetables

How to Prepare GM Soup:


Preparation Procedure:

Pour water, green peppers, tomatoes and onions in a pot and cook the same with a pinch of pepper and salt. Now, pour cabbage and celery in to the mixture and let it boil until the vegetables become tender. This soup should be served hot for health and taste purposes.

GM Diet Rules

GM Diet Plan Side Effects

As like with any other diet plan, this GM diet plan is also having certain side effects, although they are outweigh the benefits. Few of the risks associated with this diet plan are:

  1. It is not suitable in long run, as it puts restrictions to most of the foods you require.
  2. It is not suitable for pregnant women, children and those suffering from some or the other ailments.
  3. Few people have also reported to have faced sudden or persistent hair loss, headache, dry skin, sudden muscle weakness and other such problems during this diet plan. Fatigue, anaemia and general weakness might also result during this plan. In order to avoid such problems, the person is advised to take lot of water preventing dehydration during this GM diet plan.

Many people across the world have followed this diet plan and reduced 5 to 7 kilograms of weight. Are you also looking to lose extra kilos? Have you already tried this diet plan and obtained the results? If yes, please share your experiences so that it will encourage newbie enthusiasts. If you are following this diet plan now, let our readers know how much your weight has reduced.